The senior population is the fastest growing population in America. Living longer, healthier lives brings tremendous social and economic responsibility. Are we caring for this population in a way that they deserve?

More senior living centers are just beginning to go to greater lengths to serve the needs of those from multicultural backgrounds. There is a need to find creative ways to customize offerings to ensure seniors and vulnerable adults from different ethnic and lifestyle backgrounds so they feel at home. Touching Lives Adult Day Services is elevating this concept to a cutting-edge level. The participants experience the highest quality of health care possible with integrity, respect to and understanding of individual culture.

The primary purpose of Touching Lives Adult Day Services is to provide a place where loved ones can feel like they are truly at home by participating in activities that are familiar to them in a comfortable surrounding with staff who understands their culture. Our staff is committed to providing exceptional health care with programs and services that are culturally sensitive.

Our Touching Lives Adult Day Services participants will benefit by living in a superior care facility enriched by familiar cultural comforts. The families and loved-ones will experience respite and tremendous peace-of-mind knowing that their loved one’s health, happiness and safety are the highest priorities at a Touching Lives Adult Day Services.

It’s what we mean when we promise to deliver Quality Care with Cultural Comfort.