The Story Behind Touching Lives Adult Day Services

Are you prepared to be a Caregiver or Care Receiver? How many times during the past year have you asked yourself this question or even asked for a family member, friend or a loved one? As we age it is often a very realistic question to ponder. Now imagine if you had to ask yourself, if I am accepted into an assisted living or nursing home community, will the staff know my culture and support me with the dignity, love and compassion I deserve as an elder of a different culture? Will I be discriminated due to my sexual orientation, religion, race, and etcetera? This was the genesis of the founding of Touching Lives Adult Day Services.

Touching Lives was founded with the goal to provide “Quality Care with Cultural Comfort”.

By 2030, one out of every four Minnesotans will be over 65. This will be the most diverse population in this age group has ever seen in previous years. Their diversity presents new expectations in senior and vulnerable adult care that reflects the social and cultural changes that arguably began in the sixties leading to a new understanding of civil rights, gay rights, elder and health care rights. Care facilities to date have not incorporated these facts into their business models or care delivery.

For example, in a nursing home, when it is time for an older Muslim patient to pray, a staff member interrupts insisting he must take his scheduled medication, right now. There is no understanding of the emotional, spiritual stress that the patient experiences from the interruption. In another nursing home, a resident from Ghana is unable to obtain the food that is appropriate for his culture. And in yet another nursing care facility, an older male who has developed a relationship with another male patient is beaten severely by a third, who cannot stand to see two men holding hands.

Touching Lives Adult Day Services and Touching Lives Communities’ founder, Deb Delaney, has personally witnessed these and many other scenarios that prevent different aging cultures from receiving the quality care they deserve delivered with respect to their way of life. With this in mind, Touching Lives was founded with the goal to provide “Quality Care with Cultural Comfort”.

Touching Lives intends to separate itself from the competition by utilizing a health care concept for vulnerable adults supporting cultural specific aging traditions. While the communities will be supportive of the Fair Housing Act (FHA), the opportunity is available for specific cultures to customize the community to support their needs.

Delaney found her countless hours talking with people and understanding their wishes to age with dignity, love and compassion to be a wonderful experience. This concept has been a dream and goal of hers for many years. The aging population is special. They hold memories of the past that children and adults will never experience. It is a population that teaches history through stories to the next generation.

It is considered a privilege for all involved to passionately pave the way with a cutting-edge philosophy that will change the industry of senior care. It is the hope of the organization that others will understand the belief that we can truly “Touch the Lives” of so many people while honoring their way of life and traditions.